GasNet Marton Network

Before viewing our maps, please note that:


  • The information shown on these maps is a pictorial indication only of GasNet's network coverage and is not to be used for any other purposes.
  • Not all gas pipes and assets are shown on these plans.
  • If you are considering connecting to natural gas you need to confirm with GasNet or your retailer that gas is available at the volume and pressure you require. The maps shown do not include enough information for this decision to be made.
  • Prior to any excavation works, accurate pipe locations must be obtained from GasNet.
  • GasNet has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in these maps is correct. No warranty, guarantee, representation or assurance can be given about the accuracy, completeness, reliability or otherwise of the information contained in these maps. GasNet accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss howsoever caused as a consequence of acting upon or in consideration of the information contained in its maps. GasNet reserves the right to make changes to these maps without notice at any time at its absolute discretion. Users of these maps should reconcile the accuracy and currency of the information provided with GasNet before acting upon or in consideration of the information.


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Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Locating Buried Gas Pipes