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Connect to Natural Gas with GasNet

If you are unsure whether natural gas is available at a specific property or in an area you are considering buying a property then contact us with the details and we will let you know if the property is currently connected and if it isn't, then what is involved in arranging a connection.


Need an existing gas supply turned on?

If gas is already available at a property and you would like the supply turned on then all you need to do is contact an energy retailer of your choice and they will make the arrangements for you. A list of the available retailers can be found on our Links page.

If you are unsure whether a property is connected to gas then contact us with the address details and we will confirm the situation and what you need to do to arrange the turn on.


Need a new gas connection?

If you would like to arrange a gas connection to a property or are interested in knowing whether a property can be connected to gas, then please complete the online enquiry form or contact us and we will provide you with the information you require.

The process of arranging a gas supply is relatively simple. GasNet will arrange and complete the gas connection to the property, your gasfitter will install the appliances and your energy retailer will turn on the gas supply.  If you haven't already chosen your energy retailer then a list of the current retailers can be found on our Links page, and if you don't have a gasfitter in mind then a list can be found by searching for "Gasfitters" in the Yellow Pages.

If you have arranged for someone else to take care of your gas installation, such as your energy retailer, a builder, or a gasfitter, then GasNet will happily work directly with them to arrange for the gas connection to be completed.


What is involved in completing the gas connection?

Upon receiving an enquiry for a gas connection we will check to make sure that the property can be supplied from our network and if there are any circumstances which might complicate the connection or that might require a contribution toward the cost of the connection. In the majority of instances residential connections are straight forward and provided free of charge, but very long service pipes and commercial/industrial connections may require a contribution depending upon the cost and how much gas is going to be used.

We will then send you, or the person who raised the original enquiry, our offer for the gas connection which will specify the cost, if any, for the connection and any special requirements. The offer will also specify when you can expect the connection to be completed, which for residential connections is typically between 4-6 weeks.

Installation of the connection will typically be completed in one day, and involve digging to expose our gas main in the street and installing the service pipe from the main to the meter position on your property. Where an open trench is provided for us we will install the pipe but if not then we will either bore a hole or open cut a trench and install the pipe.

If your energy retailer has also requested that GasNet provides metering of the gas supply, then we will install the meter set at the time the connection is completed.


Certified Gasfitter

Please note that by law only Certified Gasfitters are permitted to perform any work on the gas installation (the pipework, fittings and appliances downstream of the gas meter).  Further information on how to check that a gasfitter is certified can be found on the Hiring a tradesperson page on the Plumber, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board website.

Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Connect to Natural Gas with GasNet
Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Connect to Natural Gas with GasNet
Locating Buried Gas Pipes