Contractor requests for plans & locates

Planning Ahead

Before you start any work, contact our free beforeUdig service to let us know what you are planning to do, and where and when you intend to do it. beforeUdig will send you detailed plans showing the location of any underground gas pipes located within your work area.


Urgent Requests

The majority of requests to beforeUdig are automated with a response typically within the hour. However if you need an urgent pipe location contact GasNet and we will arrange for plans to be available for you to pick up or to be emailed to you in *.pdf format. If there is not sufficient time for you to receive the plans before the work is due to commence, an on-site location may be arranged.


On site Locations

As a general rule, GasNet will not complete an on-site location unless the plans need additional explanation, we need to assess any specific risks that might result from your planned work, or you have difficulty understanding our plans.

Please be aware that selecting the ‘Yes’ button within the ‘Asset Locate Required’ section of the beforeUDig application does not generate a request to GasNet; it is your responsibility to check the plan(s) once delivered and to contact GasNet should you wish to have an on-site locate completed.

NOTE: From 1 January 2018 GasNet will be charging for this service. On site Locations requested and performed within normal business hours will be charged at $75 plus GST per hour per site during normal business hours and $100 plus GST after hours, with a one hour minimum charge. Where GasNet deems there is insufficient information contained on the plan to determine the location of an asset the charges may be waived.


Emergency Locations should be requested by telephoning GasNet on 06 349 2050.


For more details on GasNet’s Location service please contact us on or by telephoning 06 349 2050.


GasNet advises that the Location service is not intended to replace any of the practices recommended by NZUAG or WorkSafe. The NZUAG ‘Road Workers Booklet’ provides information on safe practices around gas pipes and what to do if you hit a gas pipe.

You can download it here.


Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Locating Buried Gas Pipes
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Locating Buried Gas Pipes