Renovations & Alterations

If you are planning to make alterations within your property please call your retailer or GasNet to discuss if the changes you propose may require us to make any temporary or permanent changes to your gas supply.

There have been a number of instances over the years where property owners have built decks, carports and even buildings over our gas service pipes and meters, a practice that is now prohibited by law. We are not permitted to install pipes or meters inside buildings nor can we consent to structures being built over them.

It is much easier for all concerned if these potential conflicts are sorted out before the work commences as these instances will inevitably be discovered the next time the meter reader or GasNet representative visits the site.

Not all work performed by GasNet on these occasions are chargeable to the property owner. Apart from the safety issues that might arise from these situations, even on those occasions when the owner does have to pay, the cost will always be greater if we have to take remedial action to fix problems created by your alterations.

Digging on Your Property

If you are planning to dig on your property and you do not know where gas pipes are located, you can request plans by contacting GasNet at (06) 349 2050 or lodging an enquiry on the Location Requests webpage. This service is provided free of charge.