Our Services

GasNet Limited is responsible for providing a range of Network and Metering services to the energy retailers so that they can provide a safe and reliable supply of natural gas to consumers.

Network Services

Our Network business encompasses the management and operation of our network infrastructure assets comprising approximately 400km of mains and 13,000 service pipes.

Each of our five networks is connected to Vector Limited's Transmission System from which the gas is transported to the consumers through our network of pipes and associated infrastructure.

Further information on the extent and location of our networks can be obtained on our Coverage webpage.

Metering Services

Our Metering business covers the management and operation of our metering sites that comprise approximately 10,600 installations, typically located on the consumers’ properties and connected to GasNet’s network.

Where GasNet owned meters are connected to another distributor’s network; they are referred to as ‘Off-Network’. The extent of our metering business extends beyond the geographical footprint of network business. Further information can be obtained on our Coverage webpage.

These installations are known as a Gas Measurement Systems or GMS, and are designed to reduce the pressure from the higher pressure in our distribution network to the lower pressure needed for the consumers installation to operate safely and efficiently.

The Meter included as part of the GMS allows Retailers to calculate the amount of energy used by a consumer.

Maintenance and Upgrading

We strive to provide our services seamlessly and invisibly so that consumers can continue to enjoy the benefits of Natural Gas in their home and business. We work hard to ensure that interruptions to consumer’s gas supplies are kept to a minimum, using planned maintenance and renewals programmes to keep our assets in prime working condition.

It is inevitable that when we have to replace, repair or maintain our assets, there could be some inconvenience to consumers and to the general public. We work closely with consumers, energy retailers, local authorities and other utility providers to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.